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We advocate for open and accessible technology driven by the civic engagement

Who are we?

We are 🇵🇱-based group of change-makers who have been creating and exploring open-sourced solutions at the intersection of technology and civic engagement.

We're believe (and yes, sometimes we had to learn this the hard way) that no solution in social/civic/NGO-sphere can achieved alone, no less solely by tech enthusiasts, who often trap themselves in tech-solutionism thinking about cool & latest tech, while the underlying social problem remains unsolved.

That's why we're convinced that interdisciplinary collaboration and civic-participation are the keys to driving tangible impact. Interdisciplinary collaboration showcases a mosaic of skills and perspectives, while civic participation allows to approach civic challenges from multiple angles, sparking creativity and yielding comprehensive solutions.

We've developed and impacted a range of civic-tech projects and as we grow we continue our journey by establishing a foundation committed to advocating for open, inclusive and participation-driven public interest technology.

Our projects

po8klasie High school lookup service is an open-source lookup service designed exclusively for searching information about high-schools and vocational schools. Our goal is to empower students to make well-informed school choices beyond mere academic figures. By collating essential data and presenting it in a user-centric manner, we’re reshaping the decision-making process. Our project thrives on collaboration, partnering with local governments, schools, students, and parents to provide comprehensive insights that shape futures.

ComeON Education Lookup service for educational institutions

Leveraging the insights and experiences garnered from, we introduce ComeON Education - a new, expansive open-source lookup service designed to cater to all educational levels. Our innovative platform goes beyond mere information retrieval; we aspire to be a holistic educational guide, aiding students in identifying and aligning their studies with their intrinsic interests and career aspirations. that sculpt promising educational futures. Together with local governments, schools, students, and parents, we will empower students to make enlightened choices, ensuring their educational pathways are not only academically robust but also personally fulfilling.

Sensor Community PL Air quality measurements using DIY kit

Air quality matters, and we’re on a mission to make it accessible to everyone. Through our initiative, we’re bringing the cutting-edge technology of Luftdaten sensors to communities across Poland. These low-cost sensors empower citizens to monitor air pollutants and particulate matter in their neighborhoods, enabling data-driven decisions for a cleaner future.


Michał Oręziak co-leader & tech Computer science student, enthusiast of free and open source software and sustainable civic technology. As a 15-year-old middle school student, he started creating po8klasie - an open source school search application, which is used by several thousand people every year to choose their educational path. Outside of Common Citizen Tech, he works as a front-end engineer at, building user interfaces for applications used in the health and agriculture sectors in developing countries, and acts as VP of the CyberSecurity Student Club at Military University of Technology.
Wojciech Sańko co-leader & vision Animator of interdisciplinary cooperation between the technological world, social organizations and public administration. Promoter of the use of open data and free and open source software in activism and public administration for the common good and the improvement of public services. He coordinated the Code For Poland program at the ePaństwo Foundation, where he supported the development of grassroots, community-based digital projects. He initiated the development of Sensor.Community (Luftdaten), a decentralized citizen smog sensor network, in Poland.
Karolina Matusiak UX & design UX designer with background in graphic design and landscape architecture. Currently working on cloud-based products for enterprises at one of the biggest polish IT companies. Her experience in design and tech spans various settings, including working at a digital agency, contributing to an in-house design team at a bank, and collaborating with a company specializing in applications for the health and agriculture sectors in developing countries. She was also a co-host of meetings for women in creative fields in Warsaw. She enjoys projects situated at the intersection of the digital and physical realms, where she can harness her interdisciplinary background to create impactful solutions that help solve real-life problems.

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